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How to Draft Patent Application with Practical Aspects

 When a government issue a document upon application that describes the creation of legal situation and invention, patented development can always exploited with an authorization of patent owner. The drafting of patent application normally differ from one country to the other. However, usually there are three basic needs that must be complied with patent drafting application:

Application Relation with one or invention Group 

One of the precondition state that the application should relate to single invention or the collection of inventions that are linked to create one general inventive perception. This requirements are referred as unity inventions which are important especially during claims drafting.

Description should reveal Invention adequately

Secondly, a description must reveal an invention in an adequate manner and apparent for the creation to be assessed and carried out by an individual who have an ordinary art skills. It is of an elementary significance because among the primary described function is to offer latest technical information for the third party.

patent application

Setting out the existing difficulties or Adversities

For an application to continue it has to hold a claim that settle on array of protection. This claims must be brief and clear and comprehensively backed by a description. This precondition is important because the claim are basic interpretation of the patent protection. Domain registration hong kong Companyis among the top enterprise that offer patent application drafting especially for the individuals who move from one country to another.


The background of an invention which is describe in the above section describes the drafted section of patent representative. It is typically setting out the existing adversities and problem that the invention has overcome. Any previous answers to those difficulties should preferably described in a manner that certainly sets out a dissimilarity among the previous and present solutions.