Maintaining Your Muscles to the best post cycle therapy

A prominent discussion in steroid circles is to discuss the superiority of Nolvadex over Clomid, and vice-versa. Both serve for keeping muscle post-cycle as component of an excellent post-cycle-therapy PCT program. Both are classified as SERMs discerning estrogen receptor modulators. Both are hugely preferred in the bodybuilding globe. Availability constantly defeats prevalence also. Both are feasible choices for body builders and power lifters coming off a cycle attempting to counter the ‘collision’ that comes with finishing a cycle. With both choices on the table, let’s see which of these anti-estrogens is more suitable, and also why.


Nolvadex transcends to Clomid in regulating Gynecomastia. Therefore alone, lots of people who struggle with Gynecomastia typically pick Nolvadex. If you have never struggled with gyno, despite numerous cycles, this aspect might not consider into your decision-making. Nevertheless, because the factor of SERMs is gyno prevention, Nolvadex may be better anyway, to avoid future development in the nipple area.

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Nolvadex wins this battle again over Clomid. Nolvadex functions to boost HDL levels in the body, which lots of refer to as the good cholesterol. Clomid has no result.

Testosterone degrees:

Again, Nolvadex wins in this case too. Testosterone levels rise when subjects use Nolvadex. Once again, Clomid does not have this effect. Nolvadex can disrupt the body’s are set or very own testosterone production. If restarting that is the objective, Clomid might be the better option below.


Nolvadex has to do with 3 times cheaper than Clomid. A 20 mg Nolvadex has to do with equivalent to 150 mg of Clomid 3 dosages of 50 mg. Again, Nolvadex wins out.

Long-term use:

Researchers have shown that Clomid contributes to the pituitary gland coming to be a little desensitized to certain hormonal agents as a result of use. Nolvadex actually elevates hormonal agent level of sensitivity in the pituitary gland in a marginal manner. Once more, Nolvadex wins below, regardless of the marginal modification.

Bottom line – It depends:

If you have never struggled with gyno and also you desire to let your body’s natural testosterone levels return after a cycle, Clomid is the much better option. The best post cycle therapy is in the majority, and also you are afraid or suffer from gyno, and also if you are dependent upon synthetic testosterone, after that you will locate Nolvadex is your ideal option. Lots of people do not have limitless access to steroids, and also will need to utilize whatever is readily available to them. Utilize the details above to make the best selection when selecting a SERM, and constantly remember to take your specific individual needs into account over what is usually accepted by a lot of.